Chapter 663

Livermore, CA

 Chapter Tools

1. “G” Meter. This is a free standing mechanical “G” meter that can be temporarily
mounted in an airplane for phase 1 testing.
2. Antenna analyzer/SWR meter. Has a local radio frequency oscillator which allow SWR
checking across the aircraft ban to measure SWR and resonant frequency. Has other
tests also.
3. Battery Load Tester. Test your battery under load for a valid test.
4. ELT Beacon tester, 406 and 121.5. Can test whether by direct connection to the beacon
or by radiated signal wirelessly. For 406 beacons, can read out the information
being broadcast.
5. Bead Breaker. Smaller unit intended for tires up to motorcycle size.
6. Borescope, rigid. Self contained with integral screen and recording
7. Borescope, articulating, for use with smartphone. The camera can be remotely bent
around up to 180 degrees for a better look at engine internals
8. Brake riveter, hammer type.
9. Brake Riveter, Screw type.
10. Carbmate carburetor synchronizer (for Rotax mostly). This unit is intended for engines
with twin carbs
11. Compression tester. Standard unit.
12. Crimping tool, heavy. For crimping heavy lugs such as used on battery cables
13. Drill Doctor. For sharpening drills, knives and scissors. Electric
14. Panel punch. Mechanical punch for aluminum panels in both standard sizes for round
15. Prop balancer. Active prop imbalance measure. Optical rpm measure and mechanical
vibration amplitude measure with phase difference to allow placement of balance
weights, typically on the spinner.
16. Scale, crane. Hydraulic scale for use with a crane for measuring lifted weight.
17. Scales, electronic. With 4 scales, 4 rollup ramps, and a master control which will show
the weight on each wheel. Has tare weight adjustment.
18. Spark Lead Tester, High Voltage leakage. Generates high voltage on spark leads to
check to leakage.
19. Spark plug tester, pressure. Can check sparking under pressure. Needs separate
20. Spark plug resistance tester. Check for proper range of internal resistance of spark
21. Tachometer, optical
22. Tensiometer, cable. Measure cable tension.
23. Tubing flaring tool.
24. Ultrasonic cleaner, mostly for injectors. Small bath cleaner used with clean water and a
few drops of detergent.
25. Wire marker, Kroy. Makes shrink wrap wire marker with alpha or numeric markings.
You may have to buy the marker stock you want to use.
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